Chateau du Cartillon

Chateau du Cartillon

About Chateau du Cartillon

Nestled within the lush vineyards of Bordeaux, Chateau du Cartillon is recognised as one of the remarkable vineyards to ever grace the wine industry. With a rich history that dates back to the 19th Century, this family-owned estate has indeed made a permanent mark on the global stage, boasting a diverse range of enticing wine offerings celebrated by wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Cloaked in tradition and expertise, the chateau is proud of its vineyards that sprawl across 30 acres, splendidly situated between Saint-Omer and Haut-Bagneux. These vineyards are lavishly laden with predominantly Merlot vines, alongside a fair smattering of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes. Such a fine selection of grape varieties imbues its wines with depth and complexity, rendering each sip a sensory delight.

Chateau du Cartillon's wines are not merely beverages, they are a reflection of the estate's heritage, mirroring the intriguing soils, climate, and topography of the region. Sustainability is at the heart of Chateau du Cartillon, this is a vineyard that works in harmony with the environment, preserving the land for future generations. Traditional methods fuse beautifully with modern technology, ensuring every bottle of Chateau du Cartillon wine reflects the authenticity and character of this coveted French estate.

The estate's offerings range from robust, opulent reds to more delicate, refreshing whites, appealing to a myriad of personalised palates. In this beautiful chateau, the art of winemaking takes a front seat, showcasing the unparalleled passion and dedication of its owners.

Visitors to the chateau are greeted with warmth and hospitality, and have the unique opportunity, to step into the mesmerising world of French winemaking, and taste some of the greatest wines of the region. From the captivating locales, the scent of ripe grapes on the breeze, to the exquisite selection of wines, Chateau du Cartillon offers a truly memorable experience to its guests; setting the bar high for wine tourism across the globe.

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