Château Gassier

Château Gassier

About Château Gassier

Located in France’s famed Provence region, Château Gassier stands as one of the most prestigious vineyards in the area. The winery, situated right at the foot of the majestic Mount Sainte-Victoire, marvellously exemplifies the harmony of nature and viticulture - a harmony that is reflected in the high quality of its wines.

Château Gassier’s notable reputation is attributed to its eager commitment to preserve the unique character of each vine in its varied terroir. The main grape variety in the vineyard is Grenache, which is delicately intermingled with smaller amounts of Syrah, Cinsault, and Vermentino to create the winery's unique and decadent rosé wines. The vineyard covers an area of more than forty hectares, each hectare meticulously managed to maintain a high level of quality and new plantations increasingly diversify the wine offering from this esteemed chateau.

This commendable winery is highly recognised for its organic approach to farming, ensuring that their wines embody their environmental responsibility. The natural beauty of the landscape is reflected in every bottle of the Château Gassier wine, with captivating notes and intense flavours that bear witness to the rich, Provencal terroir.

The elegance and distinct taste of Château Gassier’s wines have earned them recognition on a global scale. Recent accolades include the Le Pas du Moine 2019 being hailed as “one of the finest rosés of Provence” by The Wine Advocate. While renowned wine critic, James Suckling, awarded an impressive 94 points to the Le Pas du Moine Rosé2019.

From grape to bottle, Château Gassier passionately upholds its commitment to exceptional quality in wine production. Visit this winery and discover the allure of the Provence region through the medium of wine; a testament to the beauty and richness of southern France:

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