Chateau La Coste

Chateau La Coste

About Chateau La Coste

Nestled among the enchanting countryside of Provence, Chateau La Coste is a treasure trove for wine lovers worldwide. This remarkable vineyard has unabashedly held a prestigious reputation in the world of winemaking for its ultra-premium quality and exquisitely flabbergasting organic wines.

Sprawled across 500 hectares of lush landscape, the estate captures the true essence of Provencal serenity. Remarkably, Chateau La Coste has been carrying forward its commitment to organic farming since 2009; rigorously adhering to biodynamic methods to ensure a harmony between the wines and the unique terroir of this extraordinary region.

Stepping into Chateau La Coste, one is welcomed by a wine tasting centre that marvellously brings together the old-world charm with sleek modern lines. The elegant stone architecture along with the panoramic views of the vineyards is what makes this place a sensory delight. The tasting tours allow visitors to savour a delightful range of wines brought to life with traditional French techniques.

The estate's adherence to biodynamic methods of cultivation, insistence on hand-harvesting and the use of the gravity-fed winemaking processes, are testimonial to the winery's unwavering commitment to quality. The respect for nature further transcends to the Chateau’s tastefully crafted wines that have distinct complexities and a vibrant character.

To further tantalise your senses, Chateau La Coste offers exclusive gastronomic experiences. Here, visitors are treated to delectable Provencal cuisine prepared from fresh, local produce, at their esteemed restaurant. The culinary surprises here are an exquisite pairing with their signature wines elevating the overall experience to an unparalleled realm.

Apart from winemaking, Chateau La Coste proudly multiplies as an architectural masterpiece and a hub for contemporary art. To this end, a walk around the property reveals artwork from world-renowned artists, each piece telling a unique story.

Enter Chateau La Coste, and be mesmerised by the potent concoction it offers, fluidly merging the fine art of winemaking with contemporary art and gastronomical splendour. The passionate vigneron, Matthieu Cosse, awaits to share his world with you and lead you through an unforgettable tour of their vineyards to witness first hand, the love and labour that goes into the making of their world-class wines!

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