Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

About Chateau La Croix Ferrandat

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of the renowned Pomerol region, Chateau La Croix Ferrandat winery gazes out over acres of hallowed vineyard fields; a rapturous sight for any wine enthusiast. With a storied history dating back to the late 19th century, this cherished estate is woven into the tapestry of Pomerol wine-making.

The Chateau aptly derives its name from the iron cross, signifying strength, that graces its gates; epitomising the winery's resilient centuries-long journey through history. Covering approximately 4.5 hectares, the vineyards flourish in the favourable clay and gravel soils, ideally suited for producing the velvety Merlot and bold Cabernet Franc synonymous with the winery.

Yet, the charm of Chateau La Croix Ferrandat extends beyond its lush vineyards. The imposing chateau itself, beautiful in its stately simplicity, stands as a testament of time. Its grandeur speaks not just of a rich history, but also to a dedication to exceptional winemaking. Here traditional methods are married with modern technology, ensuring each bottle of wine embodies the estate’s distinctive terroir and unique character.

As a testament to its commitment to quality, covers meticulous selection and harvesting processes, with each crop manually picked and sorted. The combination of time-honoured techniques with a touch of contemporary innovation, sets Chateau La Croix Ferrandat wine apart. With every sip, one can taste the delicious fusion of powerful dark fruit aromas balanced by softer tannins, offering an impeccably smooth drinking experience.

Indeed, a trip to Chateau La Croix Ferrandat not only offers a delightful journey through the winery's verdant vineyards, but also a tasting of the exquisite wines produced under its esteemed name. It's a gustatory and sensory, adventure delicately wrapped in the warm embrace of French history and culture. Notably, commenting on the estate's Pomerol 2016 vintage a renowned wine critic confessed: "It's one of the best value wines in Pomerol." But it’s more than just value, it’s a taste of history, a sip of craftsmanship,

Chateau La Croix Ferrandat invites you to savour its distinctive wines, enriched by the dedication, craft, and love poured into every bottle from this remarkable winery. A visit is akin to stepping back in time, onto the storied soil of the Pomerol region and into the heart of authentic French winemaking.

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