Chateau le Prieuré

Chateau le Prieuré

About Chateau le Prieuré

Chateau le Prieuré is a majestic winery that sits atop the pinnacle of the Pomerol region in France. Boasting magnificent views of the surrounding vineyards, this enchanting chateau serves as not only an active production site, but also as an idyllic representation of France’s rich history of viticulture and wine production.

The history of Chateau le Prieuré unfolds like a fascinating tale as old as time. Paying homage to the Middle Ages when the property was utilised as a monastery, the chateau’s name translated into English means 'The Priory.' Revelling in hundreds of years worth of tradition, the winery masterfully blends modern vineyard practices with time-honoured methods to create a tantalising variety of wines.

Nestled amongst undulating hills, the vineyard spans across approximately 6.24 hectares of land covered in lush grapevines. The vines’ unique arrangement allows them to bask in the sunlight, producing fruit of exceptional quality for Chateau le Prieuré’s wines. The establishment's signature wine, primarily a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. is celebrated globally and pronounced for its deep ruby colour, enchanting bouquet, and extraordinary complexity.

Other than the serenely picturesque views and aesthetically pleasing architecture. Chateau le Prieuré also offers visitors an immersive winery experience. Private wine tastings are available by appointment, with expert guides leading you through the cellars and elaborating on the craft of winemaking. There's even the opportunity to dine among the vines and sample local French cuisine harmoniously paired with the chateau's exquisite wines.

Embracing a commitment to quality and sustainability, Chateau le Prieuré continues to create world-class wines while preserving the beauty and integrity of the local landscape. This inspiring winery not only offers an exciting journey into France’s rich wine history, but also promises visitors an unforgettable experience filled with mesmerising scenery, delicious wines, and authentic Gallic charm.

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