Chateau Léoube

Chateau Léoube

About Chateau Léoube

Located along the Côte d'Azur on the French Riviera, Chateau Léoube is a prestigious and distinguished winery known for high-quality organic wines. Home to 65 hectares of lovingly tended vineyards, the estate's sommeliers and connoisseurs focus their efforts on producing wines that perfectly embody the specific traits of the region.

Founded over a century ago, Chateau Léoube boasts a rich and unique heritage. The property was purchased by the Bamford Family in 1997, who have since tirelessly worked on transforming it into the premier organic winery it is today. Immersed in a stunning preserve of natural beauty, the estate is surrounded by olive groves, herbaceous undergrowth and agricultural land to maintain the area's biodiversity.

The secret to the winery's success lies in its exceptional terroir, perfectly suited for wine cultivation. With robust flavours and fragrances that are a testament these efforts – Chateau Léoube is recognised for its harmonious blends using the Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault varietals.

A visit to Chateau Léoube entails more than just a delightful wine tasting experienced, as the winery also conducts tours of the stunning vineyards and cellars, showcasing the intricate wine-making process and the superb French craftsmanship involved.

Undeniably Chateau Léoube is more than just a winery; it bears the symbol of the rich French wine tradition and the exquisite, yet unadulterated, landscapes that the Provence region has to offer. A visit to the estate is a truly immersive journey where guests can be in harmony with nature and enjoy the convergence of tradition and modernity in the world of viticulture. From the fertile vineyards to the elegant tasting rooms, Chateau Léoube is a full-bodied representation of the passion behind French wines.

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