Chateau Lestage-Simon

Chateau Lestage-Simon

About Chateau Lestage-Simon

Nestled in the unrivalled beauty of the Haut-Médoc region in Bordeaux, France, Château Lestage-Simon stands as an embodiment of French wine-making tradition, artistry and excellence. A notable château, it carries with it the charm and sophistication indicative of a winery with a rich heritage. This grand edifice resides in a verdant landscape, flanked by picturesque vineyards that encapsulate quintessential French rural beauty.

Established in the 19th century, the historic winery has been meticulously crafting sublime wines for generations. It possesses a provenance of true passion long entwined with the unique terroir of the region. The vineyard covers 42 hectares of land and is predominantly planted with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, producing wines imbued with a distinctive depth and complexity.

Château Lestage-Simon showcases its heritage through its age-old winemaking techniques. The marriage of these traditional methods with moder technoloogy yields an unrivalled blend of grapes, which culminate in the production of its famed full-bodied reds. Akin to a symphony in a glass, each variety tells a tale of the exceptional Bordelais winemaking craftsmanship, encapsulating the château’s commitment to creating intricate and exceptional wines.

What sets Château Lestage-Simon apart from others is its deeply-rooted ethos for sustainability. It's commendable sustainability efforts certainly merit recognition. Striving to respect the biodiversity of their vineyards, the team employs painstakingly careful organic farming methods to maintain the health and integrity of the vines, while also ensuring the continued productivity of the land.

In summary, Château Lestage-Simon is more than a winery, It is an exquisite tapestry of heritage, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Offering a truly memorable experience, a visit here promises not just a sublime wine tasting, but also a deep dive into the rich tapestry of the Bordelais winemaking tradition.

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