Château Lestrille

Château Lestrille

About Château Lestrille

Nestled in the heart of Bordeaux's famed wine region, Château Lestrille is a winery that exudes elegance and summons admiration from wine connoisseurs worldwide. It epitomises not just the rich legacy of French viticulture but also the resplendent charm of its picturesque surroundings.

The story of the winery is one of unwavering commitment and sheer passion. Owned and lovingly managed by the Roux family, every corner of Château Lestrille tells tales of their dedication towards the art of winemaking. The stewardship of Estelle Roux, as the head winemaker, has led the winery to garner awards and accreditations that further cement their standing amid the world's crème de la crème wineries.

Sprawling over 45 hectares, the vineyard comprises of an eclectic blend of grape varieties each cultivated to perfection. The sun-kissed vines bask on the lush landscape, lavished by the nurturing climate and fertile soil of the Bordeaux region, creating the perfect recipe for crafting wines of sheer distinction.

Château Lestrille is renowned not just for its grandeur but also for its eco-friendly ethos. Striving towards sustainability, the winery uses organic methods to keep pesticides and herbicides at bay, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding natural resources and preserving biodiversity.

Visitors to Château Lestrille are greeted with open arms. The winery offers a captivating visitor experience, complete with guided tours and enlightening wine tasting sessions. Here. you can discover the process that transforms humble grapes into sophisticated wines.

Château Lestrille is a tasteful blend of traditional know-how and modern-day practices, each bottle of their wine tells a story of exemplary taste, insurmountable dedication, and the love that the Roux family pours into their beloved craft. Whether you're a passionate oenophile or simply looking to enjoy a bottle of well-crafted wine, they promise to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

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