Château Lyonnat

Château Lyonnat

About Château Lyonnat

Situated in the heart of France's illustrious Bordeaux region lies the prestigious Château Lyonnat winery. Housing an impressive 57 hectares of vineyards, the Château is surrounded by a sweeping panorama of undulating hills blanketed with meticulously cultivated grapevines.

Since as far back as the 17th century, the estate has been whispering the tale of its long-standing viticultural tradition. Its historically-entrenched repute even emanates from the writings of French Enlightenment philosopher Montesquieu, thus underlining the vineyard's distinctive antiquity and class. To this day, Château Lyonnat retains its authentic charm and continues to passionately produce exquisitely crafted wines.

The vineyard tends to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, the predominant species in the region. The vineyards 40 years old vines are carefully pruned and harvested to yield premium quality grapes, whose essence is distilled into the winery's acclaimed bottles of hearty reds. These lush-bodied wines are characterised by their rich, fruity flavour profiles and the elegance of their finely-tuned tannins.

Under the careful guidance of its current owners, the Mathivon family, the estate has witnessed a rejuvenation of its facilities. A harmonious blend of modern techniques and age-old wisdom has resulted in a significant advancement in the quality of wines produced. Yet, the traditional spirit of the vineyard is meticulously preserved, allowing Château Lyonnat to tie its contemporary endeavours seamlessly with its esteemed history

Inextricably linked with its terroir, Château Lyonnat ceaselessly nurtures a reverence for nature. Therefore each bottle produced embodies the very essence of its soil, transformed by the magic of vinification in to a tantalizing dance of taste,

If you are ever touring the Bordeaux region, the captivating stories, invaluable tradition, and unforgettable flavours of Château Lyonnat await to be discovered. Experience an intoxicating exploration of history and quality as you embark upon a journey through the estate's vine-clad vistas and cobblestone cellars. Witness first-hand the allure of the time-tested French savoir-faire in winemaking, at the Château Lyonnat.

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