Château Macquin

Château Macquin

About Château Macquin

Overlooking the picturesque commune of Saint-Emilion, France, nestles the esteemed Château Macquin winery. Steeped in an impressive lineage of vine cultivation that dates back as far as 1885, it is famed for producing traditional yet refined Bordeaux wines that evoke the uniqueness of the region.

The renowned winery got its name from the visionary Albert Macquin, the pioneering viticulturist regarded as the father of grafting. His innovative methods saved France's vineyards from phylloxera, a plight that almost wiped out the country's vineyards in the late 19th century. Today, the Château Macquin winery continues to uphold its founder's ethos — producing supremely fine wines while demonstrating respect for the environment and tradition.

Boasting a generous estate of 30 hectares, the Macquin vineyard is comprised of densely planted vines predominantly of Merlot grape variety. The soil features various stratifications of clay and limestone which contribute to the alluring complexity of their wines. The intriguing part is that these grapes are meticulously picked by hand, ensuring only the ripest are chosen to develop their exquisite lineage of wines.

It is of no surprise that their Grand Cru, with its vivacious and sophisticated blend, has been bestowed with numerous accolades. Each sip carries the essence meticulously derived from Macquin's uniquely treated terroir, inviting sommeliers and wine connoisseurs to an unrivalled tasting experience,

Château Macquin is a winery that excels in every aspect, from the nurturing of its vines to crafting an array of enchanting wines. The congenial staff also adds to the Château's charm offering immersive tours and tastings, providing a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about the historical heritage of the vineyard.

So, let yourself be lured by the timeless allure of Château Macquin winery. Here, in the heart of Saint-Emilion, you are destined to find wines which embodies both substance and sophistication in a bottle.

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