Chateau Plince

Chateau Plince

About Chateau Plince

Located in the heart of the prestigious Pomerol appellation, Chateau Plince is a jewel amongst the wineries of Bordeaux region. Known for its exceptional terroir, the soils of iron deposits are recognised for nurturing the flavourful, merlot-rich wines.

Spanning over two and half acres, this somewhat modest-sized vineyard yet distinctly divides itself with its unique wine character. Each quadrant contributes its part in amalgamating the rich, multi-layered, aromatic taste shared by wine aficionados worldwide. Endowed with a wealth of biodiversity, Chateau Plince vineyard allows its vines to absorb the most excellent attributes from the earth and the climate.

The quaint yet admirably managed chateau, with its time-tested cellars, presents an intriguing mix of history and modernity. The master winemakers at Chateau Plince have preserved the age-old techniques of winemaking, importing only necessary modernity - the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.

Chateau Plince doesn't just deliver bottles; every pour is a reflections of the vineyard's historical charm and fine craftsmanship. Their rich, velvety wines, dominated by Merlot with a subtle hint of Cabernet Franc, invites wine enthusiasts to a delightful journey of senses. The wines from this vineyard often surpass critics' expectations with their astounding quality and taste.

Just as much as its delicate wines, the environs of Chateau Plince make it the favourite destination for enologists wishing to experience the magic behind unforgettable wines. The chateau holds an unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and the protection of its enchanting natural landscape.

In conclusion, Chateau Plince stands as an icon of long-standing traditions, innovative wine production and a captivatingly enthralling environment. If traditional Bordeaux wines strike your fancy and leave you in awe, Chateau Plince is a must-visit encapsulating a timeless tapestry of scents, flavours and mesmerising beauty - from fruity bouquets to earthy undertones and a uniquely amazing Bordeaux personality.

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