Château Preuillac

Château Preuillac

About Château Preuillac

Nestled in the heart of the Médoc region in the south-west corner of France, the Château Preuillac Winery is a prestigious winery covering more than 41 hectares of lush, grape-laden vineyards. This renowned winery, located amidst the quiet and serene beauty of Bordeaux, is steeped in rich history and culture.

Established in 1760, the legacy of Château Preuillac has been maintained by a lineage of passionate wine-makers. The Chaigneau family took over the winery in 1998, intent on preserving the traditional methods of wine-making, whilst also embracing modern technological advancements in their quest for excellence. This marriage of tradition and innovation is a trademark of the Château Preuillac experience. The assortment of wines produced in this grand maison is truly remarkable, ranging from crisp, chardonnay wines to robust, full bodied reds.

The meticulous attention to detail adopted by Château Preuillac is reflected in their stringent winemaking process. The vineyard's fertile soil is entirely ploughed and the yield is manually controlled in order to preserve the authenticity of the wine. Combined with an expert oak barrel ageing process and precise grape selection, their process ensures that each bottle produced is of superior quality, imbued with a characteristically intense and complex palate.

Visitors to this idyllic estate can treat themselves to a guided tour of the winery, encompassing the vineyards and cellar. An educational wine tasting follows the tour, tantalising the senses with flavoursome wines, accompanied by the breath-taking sight of the surrounding Médoc vineyards.

However, the Château Preuillac is not only about wine. It’s landscape is dotted with remarkable sculptures, turning this winery into a surprising art gallery that doubles as a feast for the art enthusiasts.

Missing out on a tour of the Chateau Preuillac Winery would be regrettable indeed. Discover an amalgam of rich history, fine wine, and an unforgettable experience.

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