Chateau Saint-Roux

Chateau Saint-Roux

About Chateau Saint-Roux

Nestled in the stunning, charming Provence region of southern France, Chateau Saint-Roux is a mesmerising, piece of paradise that celebrats the beauty of nature, through it's exceptional wine offerings. This idyllic winery provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind, escape the everyday and indulge in its heavenly fine wines and sumptuous food.

Steeped in rich history, Chateau Saint-Roux has been meticulously crafting tantalising wines for more than three centuries, each one reflecting the magic of the Provencal terrain. Built in the middle ages, the estate abounds with lush vineyards, abundant olive groves, and a serene potager garden.

Wine enthusiasts will adore the wide collection of premium, organic wines- particularly its signature rosé, with its delightful hints of citrus and strawberry. In addition to the marvellous wine, Chateau Saint-Roux boasts a delectable farm-to-table restaurant, showcasing regional and seasonal flavours using ingredients sourced from the property’s own organic farm.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy a wine-tasting tour, where they'll bask in the fragrant Provençal air as they amble amongst verdant, meticulous vineyards; followed by an intimate tasting session in the authentic, rustically elegant cellars.

Beyond the sublime wine and food experiences, Chateau Saint-Roux offers an array of activities. On-site cooking classes and olive oil tasting sessions ensure a stimulating experience for the palate. For those craving tranquillity, a wander through the labyrinthine aromatic garden or a dip in the picturesque pool against the backdrop of the estate's centuries' old façade provides a harmonious, serene retreat.

What truly sets Chateau Saint-Roux apart though is it's dedicated and passionate team. With unwavering commitment to sustainability and an infectious love for their craft they make every visit truly unforgettable.

For a quintessential French experience, Chateau Saint-Roux is a must-visist destination intertwining wine, cuisine, history and breathtaking landscapes- it’s Provence at its most alluring. Visiting Chateau Saint-Roux is not just about tasting some of the finest wines in the world, but about becoming part of its history and heritage.

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