Château Tournefeuille

Château Tournefeuille

About Château Tournefeuille

Nestled in the picturesque hillside of the Bordeaux wine region lies the charming Château Tournefeuille winery. From the breath-taking views across the Dordogne river to its rich viticultural history, the estate embodies the heart and soul of French winemaking.

Château Tournefeuille sits on a 12-hectare plot in the Right Bank area of Bordeaux. Established in the late 19th century, the château has stood the test of time through generations of family ownership and bouts of severe weather, to continue producing world-class wines that walk the line between tradition and innovation. Embracing sustainable farming, the vineyard primarily grows Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, promising an environmentally friendly approach to winemaking.

Part of the winery's unique charm derives from its characteristic vine-covered façade, draping it in a look of romance and grandeur. Once inside, you're greeted by a blend of old-world grace and state-of-the-art winemaking facilities. From the traditional oak barrels that line the cellars to the modern stainless steel fermentation vats, a visit to Château Tournefeuille is a journey through time.

One standout aspect of Château Tournefeuille is their commitment to providing an immersive, memorable experience for their visitors. Besides the delightful wine tastings, the estate offers vineyard tours, wine pairing workshops and even hosts private events. There is also, quaint guest accommodation available, where you can cosy up with a bottle of their best red and watch the sun fade behind the vine-laden hills.

However, the testament to Château Tournefeuille’s character, is undoubtedly its wine. Renowned for their rich aromas and velvety textures, each bottle captures the essence of the surrounding terroir. From the sensual Pomerol offerings to the earthy Lalande de Pomerol selection. It's clear that every drop is infused with regional character and local love, expertly translated into a truly fine wine into each bottle.

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