Ciro Picariello

Ciro Picariello

About Ciro Picariello

The Ciro Picariello winery is a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque landscape of Campania, Italy. Established in 1997 by Ciro Picariello and his wife, it has since grown into a well-respected producer of fine Italian wines, known for its authentic approach to viticulture.

Situated in the heart of the premium wine-growing region of Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, the winery covers over seven hectares. They enjoy a microclimate that is ideal for growing exceptional grapes, thanks to the unique combination of altitude and volcanic soils. The winery prioritises the use of organic farming techniques, ensuring their wines are not only exceptional in quality but also eco-friendly.

Ciro Picariello is also known for their meticulous winemaking process. Their minimal intervention approach in the cellar has become a trademark, with a strong emphasis on allowing the fruit's natural characteristics to shine. The wines are left to age on the lees for an extended period, a technique that adds complexity and enhances the wines' aromatics.

They have a notable range of wines, including a vastly celebrated Fiano. Their wines are characterised by their richness, complexity and elegance which perfectly reflect the terroir in which they're grown.

Yet, despite its reputation, the winery remains a family-run business. The passion and dedication of the family are evident, not only in the quality of the wines but also in their unshakeable commitment to preserving the environment. In an era of industrialised farming and mass production, their dedication to quality over quantity is a breath of fresh air for wine lovers looking for authentic expressions of Italian viticulture.

Ciro Picariello is truly a beacon of artisanal winemaking in Campania. Their passion for their craft and the uncompromising quality of their wines make them an exciting addition to the Italian wine scene. Their traditional approach and commitment to preservation is second to none and their wines are a fascinating testament to the power of Italian viticulture. So, if you're a lover of Italian wines, make sure Ciro Picariello is on your list to explore in the near future!

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