Claudio Cipressi

Claudio Cipressi

About Claudio Cipressi

Nestled within the hilltops of Southern Italy, cloaked in the allure of the Mediterranean, resides the true embodiment of Italian passion and spirit for winemaking - the Claudio Cipressi Winery. Immerse yourself in the vast expanse of sun-drenched vineyards that sprawl energetically across the region’s fertile soil, nurturing the soul of the winery in every cluster of contrasting colours. It's captivating, a truly spellbinding sight for the eyes and the heart that immediately induces an intense sense of tranquillity and freedom.

Founded by the visionary Claudio Cipressi himself, the winery radiates an unspoken beauty and timelessness harking back to traditional Italian excellence. Claudio's unyielding commitment to authenticity shines brightly through the winery's award-winning selection. With a singular dedication to revitalise and cherish ancient grape varieties from the Molise region this prestigious Italian house is crafting wine as an art.

A walk through the vineyard is nothing short of a historical journey, one that bears witness to Cipressi’s commitment for sustainability. In every glass waits a true homage to the roots of Italian viticulture. The winery's offerings include red wine, white Wine, and rose Wine all handcrafted with traditional methods, yielding a magnificent symphony of taste. Among these, the Tintilia red wine a quintessential Molise win has particularly gauche international recognition. Their environmental stewardship also unfolds through their use of biodynamic practises; ensuring nature's intervention remains truly minimal.

Set within this sensory playground; regional, seasonal Italian cuisine is served with an unrivalled view over the undulating landscape. Eclectic culinary experiences harmoniously fuse with exquisite wine tastings, cementing Cipressi's invaluable prowess and reputation in the global industry. The synergy creates a unique tapestry that elevates the pursuit of fine winemaking into an unforgettable holistic experience.

A visit to Claudio Cipressi Winery is well with the journey, offering a testament to the enduring enchantment of Italian heritage through the prism of world-class wine-making innovation. Paying homage to unseen complexities behind each coupled vine, leaves an appreciation for the meticulously crafted nectar waiting in each bottle.

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