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Clavis Orea

About Clavis Orea

Clavis Orea is a prestigious winery nestled in the heart of France's premium wine-growing region, Bordeaux. Renowned for its commitment to producing exquisite, world-class wines, its reputation spans from the connoisseur to the occasional wine drinker.

The winery is named "Clavis Orea," or "Golden Key," symbolising not only the richly abundant vineyard but also the unlocking of memorable wine experiences. For lovers of good wine, a visit to Clavis Orea provides a rare opportunity to taste and appreciate the finesse of Bordeaux wine.

Straddling 15 hectares of clay and limestone-based soil, the vineyard benefits from a favourable climate, allowing it to produce an array of premium wines featuring Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Each grape varietal is individually selected and harvested, ensuring only the best quality grapes make their way into Clavis Orea's wines.

The winery employs state-of-the-art vinification methods, honed by acclaimed winemakers over generations: These techniques craft wines that exemplify the finest aspects of Bordeaux's terroir. This emphasis on blending modern technology with old-world traditions sets Clavis Orea apart from many of its contemporaries.

As well as producing superb wines, Clavis Orea shares its passion for viniculture through regular vineyard tours and wine-tasting experiences. Guests can learn about the meticulous process behind each bottle produced, from pruning the vines to corking the finished product. And of course, sampling the vineyard's finest creations!

Perceptive wine lovers will appreciate how Clavis Orea harmoniously balances flavour, acidity and tannins, creating a wine that both intrigues and delights the palate, Not only does this balance make Clavis Orea's wines an ideal companion for a variety of foods, but it also allows them to age beautifully, growing complex and more refined with each passing year.

In short, Clavis Orea winery represents a tasteful journey through the art of fine winemaking, offering a bouquet of experiences that will be savoured just as much as the wines itself.

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