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Della Vite

About Della Vite

Nestled in the heart of Italy's picturesque countryside, you'll find Della Vite vineyards. This award-winning winery is renowned for its superb selection of wines, each one telling a unique story about the region and the passionate people who craft them.

Della Vite is celebrated for its delicate blend of tradition and innovation. Founded on generations of winemaking expertise, the vineyard nevertheless adopts modern, eco-friendly practices. It is this fusion that has enabled Della Vite to create wines that are not just exquisite, but perfectly reflect the richness and complexity of the soil from which they are harvested.

The grounds in which the grapes are cultivated are among the most fertile, spreading across acres of rolling Italian hills. With a dedication to sustainability, respect for the environment is interwoven into every aspect of the operations. From sustainable pruning techniques, to the fostering of biodiversity within the vineyard, Della Vite is truly committed to nurturing its natural resources.

However, it's not just the fine wines that make Della Vite worth discovering. The vineyard offers a variety of authentic Italian experiences for visitors, from bespoke wine tastings to exclusive dinners in the rustic ambience of the vineyard estate. It’s an indulgent journey into the heart of Italian hospitality that should not be missed.

Moreover, at the Della Vite winery, you’ll discover a family of passionate artisans who bring a personal touch to each bottle; their love for the vines and dedication to the craft is palpable in every sip.

No matter your choice from the expansive Della Vite portfolio, whether it’s a robust red, an aromatic white or a delightful rosé, each will transport you to the sunny, verdant heart of Italy's wine country with its unique blend of flavours and aromas.

In essence, Della Vite is much more than a winery, it’s a captivating journey through Italy's winemaking heritage savored in each relaxing sip and it's a destination that will certainly never disappoint.

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