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Dom Perignon

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Nestled in the fertile vineyards of north-eastern France, Dom Pérignon winery stands as a beacon for lovers of fine sparkling wines. Established in the 17th century, this celebrated winery is undeniably the cradle of the most exquisite champagnes in the world.

Eponymously named after Pierre Pérignon, a monk who served at the Benedictine Abbey in Hautvillers, the brand honours his contribution to wine blending and improving the methode champenoise. While almost mythical tales recount him exclaiming that he was "tasting the stars", there is no definitive proof that the monk himself developed the sparkling wine we know and adore today.

The majesty of the winery's architecture complements the timeless elegance of its produce. From the historic abbey to the sprawling vineyards, every nook seems imbued a sense of tranquillity, and the stoic silence is only broken by the evocative pop of a champagne cork.

Unlike most champagne houses, Dom Pérignon releases only vintage champagnes. This means that the grapes used to concoct their remarkable champagne are all from the same year--a practice that ensures exclusivity and premium quality. Their winemaking process is meticulous, with their team spending seven years to mature each vintage. And in exceptional years, a small portion is left to age on the lees twice as long, resulting in the exquisite Plénitude Deuxième - a rare gem that seals the brand's unmatched craftsmanship!

The experience of sipping a glass of Dom Pérignon is simply enthralling. Each sip reveals nuances of green apple, jasmine, and toasted spices. The afternotes are persistently lingering, leaving a complex, harmonious blend that echoes the uniqueness of its vintage.

Today, Dom Pérignon's legacy goes beyond the winery. Considered a symbol of luxury, elegance and celebration; it's often served at top-tier events, grand weddings, and five-star dining spaces worldwide.

Dom Pérignon winery, encapsulating the essence of fine winemaking, continues to festoon the world of champagne with unrivalled elegance, taste an style.

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