Domaine Agnès Paquet

Domaine Agnès Paquet

About Domaine Agnès Paquet

Huddled in the quaint village of Ménetreux-le-Piquigny in Burgundy, France, lies the Domaine Agnès Paquet winery. Acclaimed for its aromatic creations of complex, yet refined wines, this winery is a perfect confluence of tradition and modernity.

Incepted in 1955, the winery has been meticulously tended by the Paquet family. It was Agnès Paquet herself who assumed the mantle in the late 1990s, reviving the vineyard and transforming it into the distinguished brand it is today. With a keen devotion to sustainable viticulture, Agnès expertly balances respect for the planet with the demands of a thriving wine business.

The vineyards, spanning a humble 6 hectares, are primarily planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape vines. Yet, the winery's limited-production footprint doesn't compromise the quality of its produce. On the contrary, the skilful team painstakingly nurture each vine, resulting in wines that are layered with vivid character and intense flvour.

The Domaine Agnès Paquet wines are an affordable luxury, made passionately with a commitment to integrity and authenticity. Their Bourgogne Chardonnay—an intensely fresh, fruity bottle, offers a beautiful balance of acidity and minerality; while the Auxey-Duresses red, with its fragrant bouquet of red cherry and spice, is a testament to the winery’s high standards.

Beyond producing exquisite wines, the Domaine extends a warm welcome to wine enthusiasts the world around to partake in their passion. With engaging vineyard tours and curated tastings, visitors get a first-hand understanding of the winemaking process, with an amiable French twist.

Whilst modernising and refining their techniques, Domaine Agnès Paquet remains true to its roots cherishing the age-old French winemaking traditions. Despite the relentless march of technology, wine here is still produced with heartfelt passion, patience and a respect for nature. A visit to the Domaine is not just about savouring a delicious glass of wine, it's about experiencing the essence of genuine Burgundy. And, creating lasting memories along the way.

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