Domaine Albert Morot

Domaine Albert Morot

About Domaine Albert Morot

The Domaine Albert Morot winery, nestled in the charming region of Burgundy, France, is synonymous with generations of cherished savoir-faire in the wine-making arena. Established in the year 1820 by the Morot family, the winery owns a collection of exclusive vineyards, each bearing its distinct stamp, extending across Beaune's premier cru.

Respected for their unwavering dedication to producing exquisite wines, this acclaimed family-run estate is recognised for its remarkable devotion to traditional practices, whilst consistently implementing innovative techniques. One of the primary reasons Domaine Albert Morot couldn't resist but command admiration.

The winery premises, which include an array of century-old stone buildings, offer an authentic snapshot into France's rich viticultural history. It is here that the Morot family meticulously handcrafts their artisanal wines, brimming with complexity, depth, and incomparable character.

The Domaine's celebrated wine range boasts a stunning variety of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Each bottle reflects the estate's unswerving commitment to quality, the exceptional terroir of their vineyards, and the precise, painstaking effort involved at every stage of production. Although the family firmly believes in pursuing excellence, their endeavour has never been at the cost of environmental sustainability.

Under the judicious stewardship of Geoffrey Choppin de Janvry since 1999, the winery has initiated the judicious inclusion of organic viticulture practices. Today, the produce from these vineyards stands as a testament to the profound interplay between nature, human intervention, and the mystical process of wine creation. Domaine Albert Morot, indeed, harks back to time-honoured traditions while keeping pace with the stringent demands of contemporary wine aficionados around the world.

In summary, the Domaine Albert Morot winery is a place of historical signficance, innovative spirit, and exceptional wines. For those seeking an enticing journey into the soul of Burgundy, a visit to this venerable estate will surely pique the senses and captivate the heart, like a well-versed story narrated through the language of wine.

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