Domaine Arretxea

Domaine Arretxea

About Domaine Arretxea

Tranquil and delightful, Domaine Arretxea is a family-owned winery nestled in the heart of the French Basque Country. Splendidly residing in the picturesque landscape of Saint-Jean Pied de Port, the winery's charm lies not only in its spectacular sceneries but also in its commitment to create exquisite wines that embody the region's unique terroir.

The vineyard extends over a humble area of 8 hectares, where the Riouspeyrous family painstakingly till the landscape. They employ traditional farming methods paired with biodynamic principles, cherishing the land with respect and affection. This meticulous focus on sustainability has been a keystone in their mission since the winery's establishment: a testament to their love for nature and its bounty.

Wines from Domaine Arretxea are nothing short of exceptional, bringing captivation to the palate through a seamless fusion of passion, tradition and precision. Irrefutably reflective of the terroir, each bottle is bursting with the distinct, earthy tones of the region. Evidently, the Riouspeyrous family has successfully managed to capture the essence of the Basque country in their wines.

Moreover, they’re most celebrated for their Tannat based red wines. These wines are further complemented by a rousing white wine selection - the Irouléguy Blanc that is as captivating to the senses as it is to the palate. For the epitome of their wine-making craft, one should not miss their ‘Hegoxuri’ a sweet white wine known for its rich, flavourful profile.

In conclusion, Domaine Arretxea is a beacon of dedication, authenticity; and a purveyor of fine wines that speak volumes of the mesmerising Basque country.

Visit Domaine Arretxea and allow the beautiful scenery, the inspiring people and the breath-taking wines to leave an indelible memory in your heart, and on your palate!

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