Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay

Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay

About Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay

In the heart of the picturesque landscape of Chassagne-Montrachet, in the region of Bourgogne, France, lies the enchanting Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay winery. It is a family estate that has been passionately tended to, for many generations. Its wines express the authenticity of Bourgogne's unique terroir and are the epitome of precision, elegance, and distinction.

The vineyard stretches across 11 hectares and displays a wide spectrum of wines – predominantly white, with a small selection of red. It is the birthplace of some prestigious appellations, including Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru. Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay's renown, however, springs not only from an exceptional terroir he also owes it to the winemaking mastery displayed by Philippe Duvernay and his daughter Laura.

The vineyard practices respect for the grape, precision in cultivation, and meticulous vinification. This determined approach expresses itself in the wine. The vintages boast rich layers of flavour, balanced structure, and a characteristic essence that authentically represents its origin. The vineyard's dedication to nurturing each vine with the utmost care and implementing sustainable farming practices ensures the preservation of their precious terroir for future generations

A visit to Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay provides an opportunity to step into a world of tradition and taste, encapsulated in every drop of their fine Bourgogne produce. Sampling the wine, you'll catch the fragrance of the vineyard, crisp pears, honey, and a hint of spice. It's a sensory journey that captures the spirit of an exceptional terroir, and the passion and heritage of a family devoted to winemaking.

Their white wines are enjoyed by wine enthusiasts worldwide, the rarity of their red appellation makes them highly sought after. Domaine Coffinet-Duvernay celebrates the harmony between nature, culture, and elegance - no glass ever falls short!

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