Domaine du Bouchot

Domaine du Bouchot

About Domaine du Bouchot

Nestled in the picturesque heartland of France, Domaine du Bouchot is a distinguished winery, boasting an exquisite selection of wines that reflect a profound connection to the earth. Rooted in organic and biodynamic principles, the vineyard champions a harmonious relationship with nature that shines through in each bottle produced.

Stretching across 6 hectares on the esteemed slopes of Pouilly-Fumé, the winery has been a symbol of quality wine-making since opening in 1995. Their vineyards are laden with flint and limestone, offering a unique terroir that imbues the wines with a distinctive mineral character, they produce.

At Domaine du Bouchot, the dedication to sustainability goes beyond organic practices. They've adopted biodynamics, an approach that treats the vineyard as a self-sustaining ecosystem. The vineyards are certified both organic by ECOCERT and biodynamic by DEMETER. Crafted with minimal intervention, their wines are imbued with the unique character of each vintage: when you taste their wines you're tasting a snapshot of time as well as place.

Within their wine portfolio, the most noteworthy is the Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant and sophisticated, this wine expresses a vibrant minerality, underscored by a balanced acidity and a beautiful bouquet of citrus notes. The interplay of this leading actor with the unique Pouilly-Fumé terroir leads to wines of an exceptional calibre; these are wines that tell the story of their creation with every sip.

Through keen dedication to biodynamic principles and a passionate respect for the land, Domaine du Bouchot has firmly established, their reputation as a winery of distinction. A visit to this remarkable vineyard is not just a journey through rows of vines and bottles of wine its a journey into a philosophy that sees wine-making as a deep conversation between man, grape and earth.

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