Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi

Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi

About Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi

Hidden away in the heart of the picturesque region of Burgundy, France, is the beautiful and timeless Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi winery. The place is named after Philip the Bold, known for his key role in enhancing the local wine industry. This scenic vineyard spreads across some 50-hectares of prime winemaking land, lending itself to the production of unrivalled, superior quality wines.

At this esteemed winery, the art of winemaking clings tightly to traditional methods. All the while, innovative techniques and equipment, backed by in-depth knowledge of viticulture and oenology, guide the path towards producing world-class wines. A key facet of their winemaking approach is the application of a sustainable agriculture policy. This helps to preserve the vineyard’s delicate ecosystem while creating wines that reflect the purity and authenticity of the terroir.

The winery’s underground cellars, an embodiment of true medieval mastery, house thousands of aging barrels of wine, the most noteworthy of which is their Pinot Noir. Fruit from various premium sites is crafted into a sublime portfolio bearing the Château Philippe le Hardi label. Each year, these wines reach the tables and palates of international wine connoisseurs, leaving an indelible impression of the winery's exceptional craftsmanship and its rich, flavourful character.

In addition to producing prestigious wines, Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi, also caters to the wine enthusiast offering tours of their cellars and vineyards; as well as interactive workshops and tastings. Visitors have the chance to immerse themselves into the world of traditional French wine-making methods to understand the process of creating each bottle of exquisite wine. To enhance their experience, guests can also enjoy a wine tasting session led by the château's experts.

Indeed, Domaine du Château Philippe le Hardi winery is a haven where history culture, and the art of winemaking collide, it is a place where one can truly taste the essence of Burgundy.

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