Domaine du Tunnel

Domaine du Tunnel

About Domaine du Tunnel

Nestled in the heart of France's Rhône Valley, Domaine du Tunnel sits as a distinctive player in the world of wine making. Owned by the skilled vintner, Stéphane Robert, the winery has earned major recognition since its inception in 1994, for producing some of the most exquisite Cornas wine.

Encapsulated in a beautiful landscape, the winery gets its name from the Victorian railway tunnel found on the premises. Essentially, this tunnel has been repurposed and now serves as the wine cellar. Inside, the wines are aged to perfection in custom oak barrels, demonstrating a remarkable blend of tradition and innovation that is reflective in every sip.

Every drop that comes from Domaine du Tunnel is an homage to the vineyard's unique terroir, which boasts mineral-rich granite soils. Over the years, Stéphane Robert has managed to grow varietals that include Syrah, Marsanne, and Roussanne, From these grapes, he creates wines which are not only rich and complex but also perfectly balanced, all of which have continually won awards and accolades across the globe.

Environmentally concious, Domaine du Tunnel practices organic viticulture without the use of any synthetic chemicals or Genetically Modified Organisms. This approach enhances the purity of the wines produced here: each bottle is a true reflection of the vineyard and it's geographical location.

In essence, Domaine du Tunnel is more than just a vineyard; It is a place where traditional winemaking methods are fused with modern techniques insightfully, to create truly unforgettable wines. For anyone with a palate for exquisite wine, a visit to Domaine du Tunnel guarantees a delightful experience worth cherishing it is a chance to savour the incredible subtlety and depth of their exceptional collection.

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