Domaine Duroché

Domaine Duroché

About Domaine Duroché

Established at the heart of the esteemed Burgundy region, Domaine Duroché is a remarkable family-run winery that has passionately crafted fine wines for four generations. The winery's location in the famous village of Gevrey-Chambertin offers fertile soils, favourable climate and unique terroirs that endow Domaine Duroché with the required elements needed to produce world-class wines.

Domaine Duroché’s journey dates back to the 1930s when it was founded by Fernand Duroché. Today, the winery is under the stewardship of Pierre Duroché, who took over from his father in 2005. This confluence of tradition and youthful energy gives the brand a depth and nuance that is as harmonic as the wine it humbly presents.

Under Pierre’s meticulous management, the estate spans about 8.5 hectares, cultivating not only the iconic Pinot Noir grapes but also Chardonnay, used to create their illustrious white wines. The winery's signature style emphasizes the purity of fruit and refinement; that bench mark balance between power and elegance.

Domaine Duroché has always committed itself to environmentally friendly practices. They adopt traditional winemaking methods, limiting the use of artificial interventions and ensuring the lasting health of the vines. Domaine Duroché is also a member of the ‘Respect the Nature’ movement that champions sustainable viticulture.

This breathtaking vineyard offers more than just an extensive palette of fine wines; it also invites visitors for cellar tours and tastings. It's immersive experiences not just engage the palate, but also embed the rich history and committed ethos of the winery.

There's an old French saying; "in wine, there's truth". At Domaine Duroché the verity of this saying is confirmed in each exquisite bottle, representing an enduring legacy of commitment to the land and remarkable viticulture skill! Despite their global acclaim, Domaine Duroché remains devoted to its roots offering vibrant, detailed Burgundies that embody the essence of their terroir.

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