Domaine Fond Croze

Domaine Fond Croze

About Domaine Fond Croze

Nestled within the heart of France’s Rhône Valley, Domaine Fond Croze offers an exceptional selection of wines, known to enchant connoisseurs with their unique flavour profiles. This family-owned vineyard has continuously refined and mastered the craft of wine-making over the past three generations consistently delivering on quality and taste.

The vineyard, sprawling out over a generous 30 hectares, is more than just a site for cultivating grapevines. It represents the culmination of age-old traditions and innovative viticulture techniques. The soils are meticulously tended to, ensuring each vine thrives in optimal growing conditions, making the produce a true product of love and labour. From planting to pruning and harvesting, attention to detail is paramount, which ultimately reflects in the fine quality of its wines; A testament to the dedication and passion of the Brunel family, the custodians of Domaine Fond Croze.

Each wine in their luxurious collection is a distinct representation of the terroir. Compelling blends of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre gathered from the estate and beyond, are lovingly transformed into remarkable vintages radiating with luscious character and elegance. Whether savouring a bottle of the robust Côtes du Rhône, or sipping on a glass of the velvety Côtes du Rhône Villages, each wine promises to deliver a memorable tasting experience.

Beyond just producing, Domaine Fond Croze extends a warm invitation to wine enthusiasts to visit them, offering intimate tours of the vineyard, educational wine tastings, and exclusive events for a truly immersive wine experience – truly a wine lover's haven.

Embodying a heritage of fine wine-making, Domaine Fond Croze is more than just a vineyard, it's a testament to a family's passion for viticulture and a sublime symphony of earthy elements married harmoniously within each bottle. This vineyard captures the soul of the Rhône Valley, beautifully bottled and ready to be enjoyed by discerning palates the world over, it’s a destination for all wine enthusiasts.

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