Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

About Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Established in 1954, the Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot winery is an exquisite family-owned vineyard situated in the prestigious wine-growing region of Burgundy, France. The winery is renowned for its unique combination of traditional winemaking methods, distinctive terroir, and remarkable wines.

Nestled amidst rolling vineyards, the winery covers an impressive 11 hectares. Despite its generous expanse, each vine is tended to with meticulous detail and great reverence for the family's rich heritage. The vineyard comprises mainly of Pinot Noir and an assortment of white grape varieties, particularly known for producing outstanding Rully and Aligoté varietals.

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot, driven by a continuous quest for excellence, has innovatively adapted to modern viticulture and vinification techniques without compromising traditional methods. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture and dedication to preserving the delicate ecosystems of their vineyards set them apart in the wine industry. Utilising organic farming methods, they ensure that the flavours truly reflect the terroir's unique characteristics.

The winery's elegant tasting room is the perfect setting to savour their fine selection of wines. It boasts an intimate, tranquil atmosphere that illuminates the rich and subtle flavours of their remarkable selection. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a novice appreciating the complexities of wine for the very first time, a visit to Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot guarantees a truly unforgettable experience.

The wines produced by Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot embody the family’s passion for winemaking. With each year their wines on capturing the spirit of the season, variances in temperature, and unique geographical traits all make each vintage surprising and fresh. Perhaps it's this innate respect and understanding of the land that makes their wines so captivating and world-renowned.

In the grand panorama of French viticulture, the Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot winery stands as a beacon of excellence, proudly carrying the torch of Burgundy's rich wine legacy, all the while continuously striving for innovative ways to birth new, breathtaking vintages. The winery is closed on Sundays.

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