Domaine Saint Damien

Domaine Saint Damien

About Domaine Saint Damien

Nestled in the heart of Gigondas, enveloped by the picturesque beauty of the Rômessin vineyards, exists the renowned Domaine Saint Damien winery. Known for its age-old viticultural traditions and an impressive lineup of exceptional wines, this familial vineyard has become a cherished epitome of Southern Rhône's wine culture.

Held by the Saurel family since 1821, Domaine Saint Damien boasts four generations of diligent winemaking and refined technique. The present owner, Joël Saurel, painstakingly elevated this 17-hectacre vineyard to new heights, spearheading a slate of improvements in the late 20th century. These included the transformation of a century-old farmhouse into a fully equipped winery, which modernised the vineyards' capability to craft a larger repertoire of more distinct wines.

Here, winemaking is a harmonious blend of tradition and technology with meticulous care bestowed upon each treasured grapevine. The vineyard comprises of 75% Grenache, 20% Syrah, and 5% Mourvèdre, providing an alluring spectrum of flavours to delight the palates of true wine connoisseurs.

Beside the remarkable range of vintages, it's the winery's heart for the environment that makes it truly exceptional. An advocate for biodiversity, Domaine Saint Damien follows organic farming practices, steering clear of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. The winery has received Ecocert certification, affirming it's commitment to the sustainable winegrowing cause.

Visitors to Domaine Saint Damien are in for a treat, not only because of the aroma of fermenting grapes, but also the sweeping panorama of verdant vineyards stretching up to the rugged mountains. They can participate in tastings that offer insight into the winery's unique techniques and meticulous craftsmanship. The familial ambience is warming and it's undeniably a part of the charm that keeps wine lovers, and curious travellers alike, coming back for more.

In its essence, Domaine Saint Damien is more than just a winery – it is a testament to the repute of Rhône's wine culture, a curated celebration of terroir expressed through every bottle produced!

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