Domaine Xavier Monnot

Domaine Xavier Monnot

About Domaine Xavier Monnot

Located in the heart of Burgundy, Domaine Xavier Monnot is a renowned vineyard that beautifully represents the rich history and culture of French winemaking. This winery, nestled atop gentle slopes, spans over 17 hectares across some of the finest appellations in the region. It adds lustre to the concept of terroir by delivering the flavourful essence of its lands in every bottle.

Originally known as Domaine René Monnier, the winery was rechristened Domaine Xavier Monnot in 2005. Xavier Monnot, a visionary and passionate winemaker, undertook a dramatic shift in the vineyard's practices and now, the winery is the epitome of quality and innovation. The startling transformation has paved the way for a unique approach towards winemaking that encompasses a mix of both traditional and modern techniques.

Highly regarded for its exclusive Burgundy wines, Domaine Xavier Monnot offers a vast array of expressions from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties. These wines depict an impeccable balance of aromatic complexity, structural intensity, and elegant freshness. They are, in essence, wines that not only pleases the palate but also ignites the senses.

The practice of hand picking and sorting the grapes ensures that only the highest caliber of fruit is used. The natural yeasts, the judicious use of new oak, and the meticulous attention to details make the Domaine Xavier Monnot's wines emblematic of the unique terroirs from which they come. Wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and critics around the world have lauded the purity, precision, and the distinct expression of terroir in their wines.

Domaine Xavier Monnot persists in its endeavour to produce spectacular wines that bear the true essence of Burgundy. Each bottle echoes the lush landscapes, the hardwork and the passion that underpins this exquisite domain. It is not an exaggeration to conclude that a wine journey is indeed incomplete without savouring the magnificent elixirs from the cellars of Domaine Xavier Monnot;.

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