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Donati Camillo

About Donati Camillo

Established in 1930 in the Italian region of Clissa, Donati Camillo winery stands as a bastion of quality and tradition. With more than nine decades of experience under its belt, this remarkable winery has cultivated a first-class reputation that resonates with wine connoisseurs across the globe.

At the heart of Donati Camillo winery is a deep respect for the land and the natural processes that yield the grapes for their renowned wines. Set amidst rolling hills and lush vineyards, the winery flawlessly marries traditional techniques with innovative tactics. This unique approach yields a range of varietals from playful, fruity whites to robust, mature reds.

The winery is currently overseen by winemaker Marco Donati. His thoughtful stewardship and dedication to organic winemaking has elevated Donati Camillo's reputation to new heights. He brings both passion and scientific precision to the table with a meticulous approach to viticulture.

Donati Camillo wines are beloved for their complexity and depth. The winery's flagship wine a compelling Cannonau red, bursts with sumptuous notes of red fruits and shows expert balance between acidity, tannins and alcohol.

Donati Camillo's dedication to quality and authenticity is starkly evident in every sip of their wine. Providing an unparalleled blend of flavour and sophistication, these wines offer a compelling experience for the senses.

Each year, the winery opens its doors to visitors, offering tours and tastings. A visit to Donati Camillo winery is not just a tasting it is an exploration of Italian winemaking heritage, a journey into the heart of a family’s unabated passion for the vine.

For any wine enthusiast or any who appreciate fine beverages, a bottle from the Donati Camillo winery is an exquisite addition to their collection. These wines offer a mirror to the Italian terrain and climate, and are a testament to the cumulative knowledge and skill of generations of winemakers.

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