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Dr Loosen winery is a sanctuary for blissful wine connoisseurs nestled in the serenity of Germany’s Mosel wine region. With a wine-making legacy that spans over 200 years, Dr Loosen has become an iconic name in the international wine society, combining innovation and tradition in perfect harmony.

The winery is spread over an impressive area, flourishing with mineral-rich, slate soil and the emblematic Riesling grapevine, which is central to Dr Loosen's esteemed portfolio. The vineyard's age, averaging over 60 years per vine, is a testimony to the evolving wisdom of deep-rooted vines that breathe life into an array of striking white wines.

Dr Loosen’s commitment to organic farming practices and low intervention winemaking crafts wines that are a true reflection of their Mosel terroir. By prioritising the health of the vines and geological balance of the vineyard, the winery ensures that each bottle is filled with both character and depth.

The wines are kept in large, old oak barrels to minimally interfere with authentic taste and aroma development. This respects and retains the primary essence of the fruit, to achieve a fine balance between acidity, mineral tones and ripe, fruity flavours.

Dr Loosen Winery's collection boasts multiple award-winning wines, which has deservedly earned them noteworthy recognition. From the vivid Dr Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Kabinett to the decidedly elegant Erdener Prälat Riesling Auslese, every bottle provides an unforgettable wine experience.

And beyond just winemaking, the winery itself is a spectacle to behold with picturesque views of sprawling vineyards and the winding Mosel river. Even the architecture of Dr Loosen’s rustic tasting room and cellar encapsulates the old-world charm of a classic German winery, it's so inviting that you might just want to plan a visit!

To conclude, Dr Loosen winery combines a unique combination of rich history, dedicated craftsmanship and a commitment to organic viticulture to produce wines that are beautiful expressions of the Mosel valley.

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