El Escocés Volante

El Escocés Volante

About El Escocés Volante

El Escocés Volante is a prestigious winery nestled in the heart of Calatayud, Spain. This beguiling location is where internationally renowned Scottish winemaker, Norrel Robertson, has been producing his award-winning wines since 2003; hence the term El Escocés Volante, which beautifully translates to "The Flying Scotsman".

The flying aspect of Robertson’s epithet reflects the nomadic aspect of his earlier career, which he spent travelling and honing his skills and knowledge in different vineyards around the world. Now grounded in Spain’s rich vineyard country, Robertson devotes his time to creating exciting, full-bodied, fruit-forward wines that wonderfully encapsulate the terroir of the region.

El Escocés Volante is particularly famed for its Grenache-based wines. Renowned for their rich flavour, they convey a superb combination of potency and elegance. Refined over years of dedicated cultivation and vinification, the Grenache grape truly shines in Robertson's skilled hands. His vast knowledge of viticulture and dedication to his craft signifiantly contributes to the unique quality and depth of these wines.

The winery itself is a blend of old world charm, and modern innovation. Inside, deceptively simple décor masks the sophisticated technology and practices used during the winemaking process. The vines, on the other hand, are very old, some dating back a century. Robertson’s passionate commitment to organic farming, coupled with the aged vines’ concentrated fruit, results in extraordinary wines of character and sophistication.

El Escocés Volante is more than just a winery, It is a testament to the labour of love that jewellery each bottle. Embodying the essence of its creator and the land that nurtures each vine, El Escocés Volante offers a story in every sip. A tale of travel, a love for Spanish vineyards and a commitment to quality that belies the time-honoured tradition of winemaking. The Flying Scotsman has indeed landed and has shared the fruit of his travel and expertise through each mesmerising bottle.

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