Elena Fucci

Elena Fucci

About Elena Fucci

Tucked away in the picturesque hills of Basilicata, Italy, sits the distinguished Elena Fucci Winery. Boasting a vast panorama of distinct notches in the skyline. the winery is a testament to the creative marriage of tradition and innovation.

Elena Fucci took up the mantle to save her family’s vineyard from being sold off; in 2000, she launched the agrestic winery with grit and passion. The estate measures a modest six hectares, but it yields a vinicultural treasure – the renowned “Titolo” a rope of intense, dramatically sumptuous ruby-red Aglianico.

Elena's deep-rooted love for her land pushes her to produce high-quality wines, expressing her unique perspective of the territory’s rich biodiversity. The vineyards are 600 metres above sea-level, which provides the ideal conditions for grape ripening. The soil is nutrient-rich too, which gives the wines a distinctive character.

Sustainable viticulture is at the heart of the Elena Fucci winery. The family implemented organic agriculture methods long before the formal organic certification was established aligning their passion with global movement towards greener, healthier wine production.

At the Elena Fucci winery, it’s not all work and no play. Visitors delight in pre-arranged tours and tastings, indulging in the enchanting aromas and flavours of the wines, which often include hints of fruit and spices rounded off by moderate tannins.

Taking pride of place in Basilicata’s winemaking map, Elena Fucci winery epitomises Elena’s strong will and hard work these traits are bottled neatly into each elegant, flavourful sip wine lovers can't resist.

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