Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick

Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick

About Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick

Founded in 1870, Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick winery has an inimitable reputation in the fine wine industry. The winery is nestled in the heart of Chile’s Maipo Valley, and features a fertile terroir blessed with ideal wine-growing conditions. This unique blend of natural blessings and remarkable expertise has transformed the Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick into a symbol of the highest quality in Chilean wines.

Coming from a legacy of over a century and a half, Don Maximiano Errazuriz originally founded the winery. He was a pioneer in exploring Chile's viticulture potential and introduced an eclectic variety of vine stocks from France. Now, Eduardo Chadwick Errázuriz, a fifth-generation family member is at the helm, upholding his family’s illustrious tradition, balancing heritage with innovation, and steadfastly focusing on crafting premium wines.

Their flagship wine, Viñedo Chadwick 2000, scored 96 points at the famed Berlin Tasting in 2004 that made history. It was the first time that Chilean wines outperformed other high-profile European wineries. To this day, that momentous occasion continues to resonate, turning attentions of wine enthusiasts worldwide towards Chile's fine wines.

The vineyards take up 25 hectares of the estate, occupying a gravel bed on a plain that provides excellent drainage, which is vital for the development of the vines root systems. The growing conditions are enhanced by a cool maritime influence which allows for a long and slow ripening – an ideal setting for producing concentrated and richly flavoured grapes, which are then carefully picked and sorted.

The end result is a range of highly acclaimed wines, brimming with complexity and depth. These wines have not only won over critics, but: have wooed wine lovers across the globe.

That’s the magic of Errazuriz Viñedo Chadwick – a celebration of authenticity, tradition and outstanding craftsmanship. Driven by passion and dedication, they remain committed to their vision, crafting palate-fascinating wines that are a true reflection of their extraordinary terroir.

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