About Fabiano

Nestled in the glorious heart of Italy's wine-producing Veneto region, the Fabiano Winery is steeped in history. Its story dates back to 1912, a testament to the rich heritage and enduring dedication to unparalleled quality. Representing over a century of winemaking excellence, Fabiano Winery has firmly established its reputation as a beloved icon of Italian viticulture.

At Fabiano, the marriage of tradition with innovation is seamlessly executed. The winery possesses a profound respect for its heritage, and it is this reverence that underpins its craftsmanship. Yet, while it is rooted in tradition, Fabiano is not afraid to harness the benefits of modern viniculture. The result is a range of wines possessing remarkable consistency in quality and exquisite complexity of taste. Reds that embody the depth and vibrancy of the region, whites that evoke the subtle, graceful nuances of the Veneto, and rosés that capture the effusive joy of Italian sunshine in a glass.

The vineyards surrounding the winery are a vision of idyllic beauty, their vines bathed in the warm Italian sun, nourished by the uniquely fertile Venetian soil. The location is perfect for wine aficionados and novices alike. The tours are informative and engaging, offering a fascinating insight into the winemaking process and providing ample opportunity to sample the winery’s finest offerings.

Despite the grandeur of its physical setting and the prestige attached to its name; the people of Fabiano winery are welcoming and down-to-earth. They are united by a shared passion for wine, a sentiment that is palpable in the area's jovial, warm atmosphere. A visit to Fabiano Winery is not just about tasting great wine; it's about experiencing the spirit of Italy.

The Fabiano Winery truly epitomises the heart and soul of Italian winemaking. The combination of contemporary viniculture techniques and time-honoured tradition results in wines of unparalleled depth and subtlety, leaving a lasting impression on the palate and heart of every wine enthusiast. For wine lovers worldwide, a visit to Fabiano winery is simply a must.

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