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Finca Villacreces

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Deep in the heart of the Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero, Spain, lies the captivating Finca Villacreces winery. Considered amongst the prominent vineyards, it boasts a fascinating history stretching back to the 13th century. The estate got its name from the monks who used to live there, turning it into a sanctuary of tranquillity and prayer.

The sprawling 110-hectare estate is nestled between the River Duero and the historic town of Quintanilla de Onésimo. It offers serene, natural landscapes filled with biodiversity, allowing an organic, sustainable viticulture. Amid lush oak trees, sheep grazing, and a small vegetable garden, the 64 hectares of vineyards tell tales of an exceptional terroir. Their distinctive soils, consisting of clay, limestone and gravel, contribute to the distinctive, complex character of the wines produced.

Under the ownership of the renowned Grupo Artevino since 2003, Finca Villacreces Winery has cherished old-world traditions while embracing innovative methods. It takes viticulture to the realm of art by combining ancient grape-growing techniques and cutting-edge technology - an ode to the marriage of past and present.

Finca Villacreces' single vineyard wines of old vines are of unmatched quality. The flagship wine of the estate is the Finca Villacreces Reserva, made from a blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It offers irresistible depth of flavours, silky texture and long finish.

One visit to Finca Villacreces winery promises not just the indulgence of fine wine but also an immersive, sensory experience. The sight of the autumn sunset, the gentle rustling sound of leaves, the scent of ripening grapes, the taste of their delectable wines, the touch of history embedded within the estate - this is not just a winery. Its a place where time stands still. A place where every sip tells a story.

Whether you're a casual wine pallete or a true connoisseur, Finca Villacreces promises an unforgettable experience, in vino veritas.

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