About Folc

Nestled in the heart of Spain’s renowned winemaking region, Folc winery is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Known for its exceptional produce, the winery boasts an extraordinary array of wines that have earned international acclaim. Its dedication to maintaining traditional winemaking techniques while integrating modern technology promises a captivating blend of complexity and elegance in every bottle.

Folc’s vineyards stretch over lush, sun-soaked hills that provide the perfect terroir for its variety of grapes. Among them, the Tempranillo and Garnacha are the most celebrated, producing wines with rich and sumptuous flavours that are an absolute delight for their aficionados. Characterised by their full-bodied reds and crisp, refreshing whites; the winery's offerings tempt wine enthusiasts and novices alike. Simply put, there is something for everyone in their elegant roster.

One of the things that set Folc apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. They strive to balance the natural ecosystem of their vineyards. Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, they rely instead on organic and bio-dynamic methodologies, nurturing the soils to yield healthy and flavourful grapes that shine through in their wines.

Visitors to the Folc winery are bound for an unforgettable experience. From touring the vineyards and tasting rooms, to participating in wine-making workshops or enjoying a delectable meal at the estate's restaurant, every moment spent at Folc is marked by relaxation, discovery, and the sheer joy of imbibing world-class wines.

Uncompromising in their standards and driven by a passion for excellence, Folc winery continues to uphold its reputation as a distinguished winemaker. Its wines, which bear the signature of both tradition and innovation, are a testament to its commitment to quality and sustainability. As wine lovers globally are fast discovering, Folc’s wines offer a unique story that unfolds with every sip. English wine connoisseurs won't want to, miss an opportunity to sample the delights crafted by the Folc winery.

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