Francine et Olivier Savary

Francine et Olivier Savary

About Francine et Olivier Savary

Located in the heart of the Burgundy wine region in France, Francine et Olivier Savary winery is a gem of the French vinicultural landscape. Acclaimed for its distinct and refined Chablis wines, this charming winery is a testament to the rich winemaking legacy of Chablis, all whilst forging its own unique path.

The winery was established in the 1980s by the eponymously named Francine and Olivier Savary. The couple, quite passionate about winemaking, lovingly tend to their vineyards, ensuring exceptional quality of their yield each year. Today, this small, family-run operation continues to produce exquisite wines that possess a remarkable balance of fruit characteristics and crisp acidity—distinct traits of Savary wines that wine enthusiasts have come to savour and admire over the years.

Their devotion to the age-old Chablis tradition of hand-harvesting, sharp attention to detail and manual bottling, all contribute to the authentic, unrivalled flavours you'll find in every Savary bottle. The winery also prides itself on its sustainable approach to viticulture striving to minimise the environmental impact of their operations.

Nestled amidst lush rolling hills and vine-laden landscapes. The breath-taking views and the quaint, rustic cellar encapsulate the charm and elegance of the property.

Touring Francine et Olivier Savary winery gives visitors a chance to peruse rows of gleaming bottles, and observe the enchanting process of vinification. The tour culminates with sublime tastings of the winery's elegant offerings, where the expressions are beautifully articulated in each sip.

Whether you visit for an afternoon jaunt or an extended stay, Francine et Olivier Savary winery is guaranteed to prove an unforgettable experience. From its serene surrounds to its exceptional wines, this winery offers a taste of France's glorious vinicultural tradition. Embrace the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in a world of fine wine making at Francine et Olivier Savary winery.

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