Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

About Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

Deep in the heart of Tuscany, nestled amongst rolling hills and warbling streams, lies Tenuta Luce, a gem in the crown of the distinguished Frescobaldi wine family. This winery, brimming with timeless Tuscan charm, is a haven for lovers of high-quality vino.

Sprawling over a vast field of 217 acres, the charm of the vineyard is heightened by an alchemy of sunny clime, fertile earth and the constant passion of the artisans. The family's mission is to produce renowned wines that are elegant and epitomise the spectacular terroir of Montalcino. Meticulous viticulture practices, eco-friendly methods and exacting precision form an integral part of the winemaking process at Tenuta Luce.

For over a millennium the Frescobaldi family has combined creativity and scientific knowledge to create some of the world's most esteemed wines; and Tenuta Luce is no exception. The vineyard debuted its first wine, Luce, in 1993; a unique blend of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, capturing the warmth and intensity of the Tuscan sun. Since then, it’s distinctive, rich, and full-bodied wines have captivated tasters around the globe. The Luce Della Vite range is the heart of the brand – incredibly elegant wines that reflect their exceptional heritage.

Other than Luce, the vineyard also gives life to Lucente; a diverse and approachable wine, and Lux Vitis, a bold embodiment of new potential and audacious spirit, captivating for their opulence and refinement,

Despite being steeped in history and tradition, Tenuta Luce, relishes in harmonising the old with the new. This philosophy is tangible in their winemaking process and palatable in every glass. The past and present fuse magnificently to present wines that are not just sensory delights, but richly layered narratives of centuries old tradition and ceaseless innovation. Discovering Tenuta Luce is, without a doubt an unforgettable journey.

This enchanting winery promises an intimate glimpse into the soul of Italian winemaking. Frescobaldi's Tenuta Luce: a toast to Tuscan charm, lush landscapes and wine that sings of the sun.

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