About Gini

Nestled amidst the verdant hills of Italy, the Gini Winery has stood testament to time, tradition and the passion for producing stellar wines. For over four centuries, this family-run estate in the heart of the Veronese region has been dedicated to producing exceptional wines with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Gini Winery specialises in crafting exquisite bottles of Soave, a distinctive white wine characterised by its subtle flavours and crisp finish. Their vineyards, sprung from volcanic soils, are the birthplace of indigenous Garganega grapes, known for lending their unique notes to the Soave wine. The winery's expert understanding of the terroir, coupled with their stringent attention to detail, results in wines that offer a tasteful blend of modernity and tradition.

The credit for the winery's accomplishments goes to the Gini family, a group of skilled winemaking professionals. Their respect for the land not only encompasses traditional farming practices, but also extends to the implementation of organic farming methods. This earnest commitment to the environment has translated into some of the most extraordinary wines in the market.

Passion and quality comprise the heart and soul of Gini Winery. Some of their fine wines, aged in well-tended oak barrels and bottled with utmost precision, are often some of the most sought after in the wine circuit, They've garnered acclaim amongst wine connoisseurs and critics alike.

Visiting the Gini Winery is an experience in itself. Whether you’re traversing the rows of vineyards, learning the nuances of winemaking or simply exploring the breathtakingly picturesque estate, there's something truly magical about stepping into this wine lover's paradise.

In essence, Gini Winery embodies an extraordinary blend of history, dedication and an unwavering passion for winemaking. Their commitment to sustainability, paired with their exceptional wine profile, guarantees them a prominent place in the global wine landscape. Beautifully rooted in tradition yet progressive in their approach, Gini Winery continues to make a significant mark in the glorious world of wines.

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