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Golden State

About Golden State

Golden State winery, located in the heart of California's revered wine country, is a haven for wine enthusiasts from around the world. The doors opened over three decades ago, this family-run winery has since become synonymous with first-class viticulture and warm, Californian hospitality.

The vineyard stretches over rolling green hills, covering a majestic 30 acres of land. Specialising in producing a variety of rich reds and exuberant whites, the winery takes advantage of the Mediterranean microclimate, allowing the grapes to achieve maximum ripeness.

At Golden State winery, the pursuit of exemplary winemaking is regarded as both a science and an art. Utilising traditional methods combined with cutting-edge technology, their wines boast a complex balance of aromas and flavours. The Cabernet Sauvignon – the vineyard's star wine – is regarded by many as a full-bodied masterpiece with robust flavours of dark berry and chocolate; a testament to the winery's remarkable craftmanship.

Despite having built an international reputation, Golden State winery is equally renowned for its endeavour to foster a sense of community, It's a place where local residents and visitors can savour the beautiful landscape and exceptional wines. The vineyard routinely hosts wine sampling events, paired tastings and vineyard tours, attracting a vibrant mix of oenophiles and novices alike.

The sense of passion that permeates Golden State winery is palpable and it isn’t solely reserved for wine. Keen on promoting sustainability, the winery strictly adheres to organic farming practises and are committed to protecting the local environment.

Visiting Golden State winery promises a captivating sensory experience – a chance to sample some of the world's finest wines, surrounded by California's stunning natural beauty while sipping on the winery's famed vintages promises a truly unforgettable experience.

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