Gran Cerdo

Gran Cerdo

About Gran Cerdo

Gran Cerdo winery stands as a testament to the rebellious spirit synonymous with vineyards steeped in history, tradition and a touch of defiance. This Spanish winery, nestled in the heart of Rioja, a region celebrated for its astoundingly rich wines, holds its head high against the giants of the industry.

But the tale of Gran Cerdo winery is not just about the forbidden romance between grape berries and rustic oak barrel. It is a heartening story of resilience and resistance.

Gran Cerdo, literally translated to 'Big Pig,’ pays tribute to the disdainful bankers who brushed off the winery’s need for financial support. The resilient winery rose from these ashes of dismissive corporate smugness, their wines embodying the very flavour of determination and subtle rebellion.

Gran Cerdo prides itself on its organic and bio-dynamic viticulture. The vine team toil to build a harmonious alliance with nature undeterred by potentially inclement weather or arduous terrain. The wines they produce are unfiltered, uncovering authentic flavours and ensuring that every sip embodies the terroir of the sprawling vineyards.

A unique aspect about the Gran Cerdo winery is the meticulous nature of their winemaking process. They fervently believe in honoring the essence of the region and its grape variety. This is achieved by using minimal intervention, thereby preserving the wine’s individuality and character.

Taste a glass of Gran Cerdo and you will experience the musings of nature, gently peppered with the subtle touch of rebellion; a testament to their journey.

So, next time you raise a toast to love, laughter, or life itself, let the spirit of Gran Cerdo fill your glasses, letting its tale of resilience swirl with the wine. and drink to the truth that sweeter success has never tasted so divine.

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Sold in multiples of 6
Sold in multiples of 6
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