About Grattamacco

Located amidst the stunning natural beauty of Tuscany, Grattamacco winery stands as a symbol of Italian elegance and taste. Founded in 1977 by three passionate entrepreneurs: Piermario Meletti Cavallari, Bruna Baroncini, and Carlo Parenti; the winery has consistently delivered some of Italy's most accoladed wines. Grattamacco is one of the first wine estates in the famed Bolgheri region and has cemented their place in the annals of Italian wine history.

Stretched over a sprawling 27 hectares, Grattamacco grows and handpicks from their verdant vineyards a variety of coveted wine grapes. The vineyard's unique microclimate, enriched by the bracing coastal breezes, contributes remarkably to the wines' distinctive character. Renowned for their exquisite Super Tuscan blends, the Grattamacco winery has effortlessly mastered the fine art of winemaking with a focus on producing high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, Rosso di Bolgheri & Vermentino varieties.

Through their use of traditional Tuscan winemaking techniques, Grattamacco wines truly echo the terroir's personality. There ethereal bouquet is thoughtfully complemented by strikingly robust flavours that balance power with refinement. Grattamacco's steadfast commitment to quality is highlighted by their extended ageing process. This lends their wines a trademark complexity and depth which are relished by wine enthusiasts worldwide.

But the winery's charm doesn't solely lie in its awe-inspiring wines. Its picturesque beauty and tranquil ambience make it a must-visit for wine lovers and romantics alike. The sight of cascading vineyards against the azure sky, dotted with meandering paths leading to an era-long forgotten is nothing short of mesmerising. Grattamacco also offers personalised wine tastings to provide insight into their compelling stories borne from passionately nurtured vines.

Visit Grattamacco winery for an exquisite foray into the Italian tradition and imbibe the radiant culture of Tuscany, The winery is a testimony to the artistry of Italian winemaking, promising a remarkable journey for each wine connoisseur.

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