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Heirloom Vineyards

About Heirloom Vineyards

Nestled in the verdant green landscapes of South Australia, Heirloom Vineyards is a testament to the rich, age-old traditions of winemaking. The vineyard stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, exuding an intoxicating charm that captivates the heart of every wine aficionado.

Owned by the passionate duo of Elena Brooks and Zar Brooks, their intricate philosophy revolves around the idea of creating 'heirloom' wines. They believe that outstanding wines are born from old vineyards, and their meticulous wine-making approach involves using cuttings from these elderly vines. This not only preserves a historic lineage of taste but also offers a uniquely distinguished character.

Consider a visit to the Heirloom Vineyards, and you’ll witness a dedication and love for the craft that is second to none. The vineyard’s story is woven into each glass poured, encapsulating a harmony of incredible flavours.

At Heirloom Vineyards, every grape that’s handpicked is handled with unquestional care. Intoxicating flavours are delicately extracted through traditional basket pressing—each grape given the dignity of maturing in fine French oak barrels. The result? A distinctive wine, each bottle telling a beautiful story of meticulously grown grapes, traditional processing methods, and careful nurturing.

Moreover, their Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and McLaren Vale Shiraz have gained international acclaim. The Chardonnay, exhibiting intense citrus and stone fruit aromas, is subtly underscored by a delicious creamy note. Their Shiraz, on the other hand never fails to impress with its opulent fruit flavours and spicy undertones.

Every facet of Heirloom Vineyards - from the wine-making process to the stunning aesthetics of the vineyard - breathes timeless charm and elegance. It is indeed, a destination for those yearning for an exquisite wine experience. So whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or just embarking on your wine journey Heirloom Vineyards is undeniably a place to be.

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