Hyde de Villaine

Hyde de Villaine

About Hyde de Villaine

Nestled deep within the sun-kissed valley of Napa, California, sits Hyde de Villaine. As one of the most flourishing wineries in the area, it has gained an enormous popularity amongst wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. It is a beautiful partnership between two prestigious wine families, de Villaine from Burgundy and Hyde from Napa, marrying the finest winemaking traditions of France with the luxuriant depth of Californian ripe fruits.

The winery boasts a peerless reputation for their exquisite selection of wines. Their unique portfolio includes the elegant De La Guerra Chardonnay, the earthy Hyde Vineyard Syrah, and the nuanced complexity of their aesthetic Belle Cousine. Each offering, a well spiced pot of rich winemaking prowess crafted with an alluring blend of masterful techniques and vibrant terroirs,

Hyde de Villaine employs the most modern techniques in sustainable viticulture and winemaking. To preserve the natural characteristics of their vineyards, they follow meticulous organic farming methods. Along with this environmentally-friendly practice, every single grape used in the winemaking process is carefully harvested and selected by hand ensuring quality over quantity in every bottle,

The blissful joy that permeates each glass can be attributed to the fusion of prestigious French winemaking skills that Aubert de Villaine brought to the mix with the seventy-year lineage of the American Hydes’ pioneering viticulture knowledge. This magical recipe of old-world tradition and innovative practices not only serves a spectacular series of wine options but also ensures a fruitful and sustainable future for the generations to come.

While its bespoke vineyards and remarkable wines offer a treat to our senses, Hyde de Villaine is more than merely a winery. A tour around this hidden treasure is a delightful journey through family lore, the passionate pursuit of excellence, and the poetic beauty of terroir-driven wines that are as compelling as the very landscape from which they emerge.

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