About Iago

Nestled in the heart of Georgia's lush wine region, lies Iago Winery. This verdant vineyard exudes passion for traditional Georgian wine-making, with a keen focus on organic practices and a dedication to crafting unique and exquisite wines.

The winery itself is adorned with picturesque landscapes that easily captivate the hearts of its visitors. Situated in the quaint village of Mukhrani, Iago Winery boasts a breath-taking vista of sweeping vineyards and towering mountain ranges. Add to this, the palpable connection with nature, the charm of Georgian hospitality, and the enchanting sense of tranquility, the experience at this winery is nothing short of magical.

A significant feature about Iago Winery, is its commitment towards organic vine farming. Iago Bitarishvili, the presiding vintner, employs ancestral wine-making techniques coupled with organic farming principles. What sets them apart is their predilection for producing wines through the ancient Georgian method of fermenting grapes in earthenware vessels known as qvevri, which are typically buried in the ground. These methods not only stay true to the Georgian wine-making heritage, but they also celebrate the raw, deep, and unique flavours of the grapes.

Their signature wine, the traditional amber, is fermented using Chinuri grapes a native varietal, popular for its high acidity and floral flavour profiles. The resulting wine is full-bodied. rich in earthy tones, and remarkably complex in flavour that lingers vividly on the palate.

The tasting room at the Iago Winery provides an intimate setting for appreciating their distinctive wine offerings. Expertly guided tastings paired with traditional Georgian cheese delivers an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice yearning for unique experiences, Iago Winery extends an invitation to explore their vineyard, savour their meticulously crafted wines, and to unwind in the beauties of their enchanting premises, This is more than just a winery; it's a humble embodiment of Georgia’s vibrant wine culture.

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