About Inniskillin

In the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, you will find a hidden gem known as Inniskillin Winery. This prestigious winery is nestled within the affluent wine regions in Canada. Inniskillin represents the epitome of winemaking excellence, underpinned by a rich history dating back to 1975.

The winery is widely recognised for its sumptuous ice wines, which have garnered global acclaim. But it doesn't stop there, Inniskillin also produces a diverse array of wines including rich varietal table wines and sparkling wines, appealing to the taste buds of both novice and experienced wine enthusiasts. Their collection of wines are harmoniously crafted with a delicate balance of sweet succulence and sour tartness. They best epitomise the vineyard’s trademark of flawlessly executed winemaking.

Inniskillin's estate comprises of an elegant wine tasting room showcasing its top-notch collections, a quaint boutique for wine shopping, and a picturesque courtyard portraying a magnificent view over the vineyard. The winery’s infrastructure is marked by its iconic bell tower, making it a distinctive landmark.

What makes Inniskillin truly stand out is its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. The team takes considerable measures to incorporate environmentally friendly procedures throughout the entire winemaking process. Every aspect, from vineyard management to energy usage, is carried out with great sensitivity to the earth’s natural resources. The innovative use of bio gas in producing their wines is a pivotal example of their eco-friendly paradigm.

Tourists and wine lovers alike, flock to Inniskillin for an immersive wine-tasting experience paired with an educational tour. These tours substantiate Inniskillin's exceptional viticulture and winemaking methods bestowing wine lovers an enriching and delightful journey, while they indulge in the fine taste of Inniskillin wines.

To sum it up, Inniskillin winery captivates the essence of exceptional Canadian winemaking. It's dedication to sustainability, it’s world-class wine products and the striking setting all together create a captivating atmosphere, that is hard. too resist!

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