Jean-Marc Burgaud

Jean-Marc Burgaud

About Jean-Marc Burgaud

Located in the prestigious realm of Morgon, the Jean-Marc Burgaud winery exudes an unequivocal charm that is manifest in its broad assortment of fine wines. Spanning 18.5 hectares of vineyards, this family-owned winery is ensconced in the heart of Beaujolais, France, where it has been producing several acclaimed vintages for the past three decades.

Led by the astute winemaker, Jean-Marc Burgaud himself, the winery espouses traditional winemaking methodologies infused with modern flair. The use of old vines, carefully chosen yeasts, and minimal intervention in the cellar ensures that the wine which carries his name is an authentic representation of the terroir.

Central to Burgaud’s winemaking philosophy is respect for the environment The Winery does not employ herbicides or pesticides; the vineyards are meticulously husbanded, the fruits hand-picked at the pinnacle of their ripeness. This marriage of nature and nurture produces distinctive wines that have not only captivated local connoisseurs but also won international appeal.

The Jean-Marc Burgaud portfolio includes several illustrious wines, but the Morgon Côte du Py is unarguably its crown jewel. Created from grapes grown in the schistous soils of an ancient volcano, this wine embodies an extraordinary concoction of power, complexity, and finesse.

Aside from the notable quality and character of its wines, visitors are invariably drawn to the winery’s welcoming ambience, the warm hospitality of its staff and the guided tours that offer peek behind the scenes to understand the dedication and craftsmanship that birth these superb wines.

Pay a visit to the Jean-Marc Burgaud winery and be prepared to be enchanted by the panorama of rolling vineyards its, numerous tasting opportunities, and the quintessential French charm that pervades every nook and cranny. It is a journey that promises connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts alike, an unforgettable encounter with the enthralling world of Beaujolais wine.

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